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Stem Cell Therapy – What are the Different Options for my Joints?

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Cutting edge treatment with stem cell therapy can offer a solution for Osteoarthritis or OA. The treatment consists of removing the stem cell blood in the patient’s bone marrow from the hip area along with the plasma. The remaining fluid is then concentrated in a centrifuge and this is injected into the joint experiencing problems. As the concoction injected is taken from the patient’s own body, there is little chance of the body rejecting it.

An Exciting AlternativeStem Cell Treatment Phoenix

There are many conventional treatments available for joint pains, but stem cell therapy offers exciting promise. Several non surgical options only offer short term or temporary relief from joint pain and the pain usually returns and it can even get worse in some cases. On the other hand, stem cells are cells possess the ability of developing into various types of cells that the body can make use of, for instance, new cartilage. When an abundance of stem cells are placed in an area that is deficient, there is a chance for healthy cells to grow in that location. It is easy to regenerate and repair cartilage and tendons with the stem cells harvested from the body of the patient.

Relief for Osteoarthritis

Those suffering from osteoarthritis experience a wear and tear of the joints. The problem is due to the deterioration of the cartilage that allows cushioning of the bones, so that they can glide smoothly over one another. When the cartilage breaks down, the bones start rubbing against each other, leading to stiffness and inflammation, and, thus, pain. Stem cells that are bone derived can be distributed to the area and it has the potential to result in regeneration of healthy cartilage.

Minimal Side Effects

Stem Cell Therapy PhoenixEven the side effects are only temporary and are localized, as the patient might merely experience minor pain that lasts for a few days and they can get back to their normal activities within a short time. It can, therefore, be an ideal solution for those who have no other option than joint replacement therapy, as a major surgery can be averted. It offers a viable option to knee replacement and is better than many other invasive remedies for arthritis.


Stem cell injections can offer a quick and easy recovery. The treatment is offered on an outpatient basis and the patients can begin their normal activity within 24 hours. There are very few complications arising from the procedure and minimal chances of infection or rejection, as the cells are taken from the body of the patient.

TeleHealth stem cell therapy clinic offers several Board Certified US Stem Cell doctors providing bone marrow or fat derived stem cell therapy along with PRP therapy as well. A significant percentage of the time, treatment is covered by insurance (not always). If you would like to be considered for treatment with stem cell therapy for joint arthritis, spinal arthritis, tendonitis, ligament injury, fractures and more, call (888) 885-8675.

How Do Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections Work?

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The Bone Marrow Stem Cells

The bone marrow tissue is found in the center art of large bones, and this is area in which the production of new blood cells occurs. There are two varieties of stem cells found within the bone marrow and these include the stromal and hemopoietic cells. Stromal cells are known to produce bone, cartilage and fat while hemopoietic cells have the ability to produce blood cells.

Harvesting of Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Bone marrow stem cells are harvested from large bones such as the hip bone.  These stem cells consist of blood and tissue and the harvesting procedure is

Stem Cell Therapy California

Bone Marrow Stem Cell

done under light sedation and using a local anesthesia. Once this cell concentrate is harvested, it is then placed in a centrifuge machine to generate rich stem cells before being injected into the affected area.

Bone marrow stem cell injections are very effective in pain management and these injections have been used to treat conditions such as osteoarthritis. While the procedure is intricate, it still remains an outpatient procedure and does not last long. You need to ensure that you go to a specialist and certified regenerative medicine doctor if you have been advised to undergo bone marrow stem cell therapy.

Bone Marrow Derived Stem Cell Injections: The Treatment Process

Every patient is unique and there needs to be proper diagnosis before a patient can be given any bone marrow stem cell therapy. Once your doctor identifies you as an ideal candidate for this therapy, you can proceed with the treatment. The bone marrow cell concentrate will be drawn from your hip area before being placed in the centrifuge where the platelets will be separated from the serum in the red blood cells and white blood cells as well.

The platelets, white blood cells and stem cells will then be concentrated before being collected in a syringe for your injection. Numbing medicine will be administered before you are injected with the bone marrow stem cell injection and depending on the condition of the tissue damage, you may be required to take only one injection or a series of injections.

Bone Marrow Injections: Safety Issues

Bone marrow derived stem cell injections are very safe and these procedures come with minimal risks of complications or reactions. This is because the injection solution is sourced from the patient’s own blood. This means that the body will not reject the injected solution or suffer from any transmission of diseases. Following your bone marrow stem cell injection, you will need to rest for a day or two as the soreness may be felt on the injured area.

Bone marrow derived stem injections have various advantages over other treatment options. The first is that the treatment is highly safe and comes with low California Stem Cell Clinicchances of side effects. Secondly, the injection has a high success rate and can help reduce pain and inflammation fast as stem cell injections work to regenerate the affected tissue.

TeleHealth is a California stem cell therapy clinic offering bone marrow derived stem cell injections to patients suffering from arthritis of the spine, hip, knees, shoulders, wrist ankle and more. The injections also work well for soft tissue inflammatory conditions such as rotator cuff tendonitis, tennis elbow and achilles tendonitis. Often times, TeleHealth uses the bone marrow derived injections in conjunction with PRP therapy.

TeleHealth offers these injections and they are often covered by one’s insurance. Simply call (888) 885-8675 for more information and scheduling today!

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