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Why do so Many Athletes Get PRP Therapy?

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Athletic injuries for the knee (such as patellar tendonitis), chronic tendon injuries like Achilles tendonitis, bilateral atraumatic quadriceps rupture, and Tennis Elbow were once treated with traditional therapies such as California stem cell treatmentmedication, bracing therapy, physical therapies, and surgical intervention.  PRP, Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, is an innovative new therapeutic treatment for athletes.

What exactly are (PRP) platelet rich plasma injections?

Platelet rich plasma is a blood plasma that has a concentration up to 10 times greater than normal of platelets. Plasma is the main component of blood.

PRP is a concentrated source of autologous platelets; in essence an organic cocktail of growth factor proteins and cytokines that are beneficial in the reconstruction and rejuvenation of soft tissue or bones by inducing accelerated healing. PRP treatment is used by athletes to help repair the physical trauma and damage sustained from high-level competition and repetitive joint stress.

The PRP actually calls in the body’s own stem cells as well which can help heal the area as well. Rather than just providing pain relief, PRP can actually heal the condition.

Why use PRP?

PRP for arthritisAlthough in use for over a decade (since the 1990s), PRP has received increased attention by athletes and their doctors. PRP therapy has been most commonly used for chronic Tendinopathy.

Recent studies have shown the effectiveness of PRP in reducing pain from microscopic tears from acute injuries as well as arthritic pain, such as with early Osteoarthritis. PRP may even help re-grow cartilage or prevent future loss. A recent study from Hospital for Special Surgery showed the potential for this. It does alleviate the systematic pain associated with injuries and arthritis in patients.

How can a concentration of platelets at the site injury promote healing for athletes?

A form of prolotherapy, PRP injection is a therapeutic injection that works by stimulating the body to accelerate natural and organic repair to a painful area by promoting an inflammatory action, usually needed as a result of an acute injury or damage. The damaged tissue is treated at a faster pace as the PRP injection incites the body to utilize a concentration of proteins and growth hormone at a higher rate, hastening repair.

How effective are platelet rich plasma injections for athletes?

PRP injections are more effective than cortisone in a Stanford University study, and in many cases has more effective results than surgery for athletes. PRP was first used as an agent of repair to help a sternum mend following an open heart surgery and subsequently used as an aid in bone healing following spinal surgery.

Now it’s more commonplace intraoperationally with orthopedic and plastic surgeries for soft tissue recovery and musculoskeletal injuries in sports medicine as to the very low risk of complications or side effects, says a study at University of Michigan.PRP Therapy California

Are PRP injections safe to use for athletes?

Many athletes use the platelet rich plasma therapy as an effective means of pain relief and enhanced healing as it improves performance by accelerating repair to acute injuries, and is not considered an illegal performance enhancer.

It is a very safe procedure, as it simply involves a blood draw from the patient.

What athletes have used platelet rich plasma as a therapy successfully?

Pittsburgh Steelers’ Hines Ward and Troy Polamalu received a variation of it just weeks before winning Super Bowl XLIII preempting 30 amateur athletes to request it immediately after. Olympic gold medalist and sprinter Donovan Bailey, Tiger Woods in his elbow this year, Los Angeles Dodgers’ pitcher Takashi Saito for the Major League Baseball playoffs, Fred Couples, Alex Rodriguez, Tracy McGrady, Chris Canty and Cliff Lee are other high level athletes just to name a few.

TeleHealth is a California stem cell clinic offering PRP therapy for everyone from athletes to college students and senior citizens, essentially anyone with arthritis, tendonitis or ligament injury.

Most insurance is accepted at the clinic, and it often covers at least some (if not all), of the treatment cost.

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Healing injuries with platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP therapy)

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Used to trigger healing inside the body, PRP is a medicinal substance made from the patient’s blood. Conditions that previously been treated with medical intervention, physical therapies, or surgical intervention over the past several years for athletes now have a new therapeutic treatment with PRP therapy, known also as platelet rich plasma.PRP Therapy Orange County

What is platelet rich plasma?

The solid components in blood that are mainly known for their importance in clotting ability are the red and white cells combined with platelets. Platelets are vital for the healing function by containing proteins called growth factors. When plasma is concentrated the levels of growth factor increases in richness by 5 to 10 times -this is platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

How do they make the plasma so rich with platelets?

A patient has their blood drawn when the stem cell doctor calls for a PRP preparation. Using a centrifuge, platelets are separated from all other blood components to increase their concentration in numbers. This concentration approaches 94% platelets in the plasma, raised from an average of 6% in normal blood. This process typically takes no longer than 15 minutes, and is then readily available for use in the treatment of that patient.

How does PRP work?

Injecting Platelet-Rich Plasma into an area produces an inflammatory response from the body, and the resulting rush of white blood cells to the injection site also helps the healing process. The increased number of growth factors in the concentrated PRP potentially can speed up healing with injuries or post-op surgery in two ways:Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

  • The Los Angeles stem cell doctor may opt to apply the PRP preparation directly to the torn tissues after a surgery to repair an injury or tear, such as a sports injury.
  • The stem cell clinic doctor may choose to directly inject platelet rich plasma into the injured area to reduce swelling, inflammation, and symptoms of pain. This could be a long process over several weeks to reap the full benefits of the PRP concentration.

What conditions can be treated with platelet rich plasma?

Several factors come into play that can influence the overall effectiveness of a PRP treatment. The patient’s overall health, the severity of the injury, and the area of the body treatment can have effects on the healing and recovery time. PRP has been the most effective in the treatment of chronic tendon injuries and tears.  Current studies are being conducted using PRP in the areas of:

  • Acute ligament and muscle tears and injuries
  • orthopedic surgery
  • arthritis of the knee
  • stress or compound fractures

Are there any side effects of PRP?

One of the main benefits of injecting PRP into the body is to stimulate the healing process. There is no chance of infection, as the blood used is the patient’s. This circumvents the risk of rejection, and eliminates the potential of the patient contracting a blood-borne pathogen.

It is a blending of the body’s natural healing abilities with cutting-edge technology to give the patient a more rapid recovery. PRP therapy can sometimes remove the need for long-term treatment, and provides a very rapid recovery after injection.

The stem cell doctors at TeleHealth offer PRP therapy along with bone marrow and fat derived stem cell injections, often covered by insurance. Call (888) 885-8675 for more information and scheduling today!

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