What is a Fat Derived (Adipose) Stem Cell Injection?

What is a Fat Derived (Adipose) Stem Cell Injection?

A fat derived stem cell injection is the injection of a stem cell based fluid into an area of damaged tissue in order to stimulate the healing process for this area. Stem cells have the potential to develop into nearly any type of tissue cell, allowing them to replace damaged tissue that would otherwise be irreparable. Through the use of fat derived stem cells, almost all musculoskeletal conditions (such as damage to the cartilage or ligaments of a joint) can potentially see benefit and obtain some degree of pain relief.Stem cells for arthritis

Where does a Fat Derived Stem Cell Injection come from?

The stem cells for this injection are gathered from the adipose tissue of the body. For the majority of patients, the adipose tissue that will be used comes from tissue located on the waist. The tissue is gathered in a process similar to liposuction, albeit on a much smaller scale.

A number of small incisions will be made into the abdomen, with a small amount of tissue removed. The stem cells located in this tissue will then be used in the injection, which is created through a seven step process.

How is a Fat Derived Stem Cell Injection created?

California Stem Cell ClinicThe injection is created by mixing the separated stem cells into a platelet rich plasma solution. This is done in seven steps; with a sample of the patient’s blood taken as step one. The blood sample is placed into a centrifuge to separate the platelet rich plasma from the other fluids of blood. These platelets contain a large amount of growth factors, and are how blood is able to naturally heal damaged areas.

Once the platelet plasma has been acquired, the adipose tissue is taken from the patient. An enzyme is applied to the tissue to destroy the fat cells, freeing up the areas of concentrated stem cells. When the components have been acquired, the fresh stem cells will be combined with the platelet rich plasma to form a concentrate solution. This is what is actually injected into the damaged tissue to potentially regenerate new tissue with a fat derived stem cell injection.

What can an Adipose Derived Stem Cells Injection Treat?

For areas of the body with poor blood flow, such as the ligaments and tendons of joints, the natural healing process of the body is stunted. In other areas, such as cartilage, the tissue is simply irreplaceable once destroyed. Stem cell injections can potentially treat any musculoskeletal disease in these areas due to the ability to become nearly any cell required for the healing process.

Why are Adipose Stem Cells used?

The stem cells contained in the adipose tissue of the body have the potential to be far more effective than other stem cells that have been used before. Fat tissue in the body contains a much higher number of dormant stem cells than other areas that stem cells are Stem Cell Injectionsharvested from, such as bone marrow.

This allows for a greater potential of regeneration in damaged tissue, with much less procedural pain for the patient in the stem cell harvesting phase. Since adipose tissue is an easily reached source of these cells, there is a much greater potency in treatment capabilities.

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