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Nearly 10% of theStem Cells for Back Pain population suffers from back pain, some acute and other chronic. For acute back pain, minimal treatment and conservative home care often alleviates the pain.  However, for those with chronic pain, little relief is available.

Interventional pain management treatment for severe back pain includes cortisone or steroidal injections.  These shots work well, at a rate of 75% for short-term pain relief.  The problem is that cortisone injections wear off and the patient is required to return for another injection or live with the recurrent pain. Stem cells for back pain offers immense potential.

Stem cell therapy, a branch of regenerative medicine, is a cutting edge technique in the management of chronic back pain.  It goes far beyond managing symptoms but rather modifies the disease and problems that cause the back pain.

Stem cell therapy is a nonsurgical option for chronic back pain. There are very few courses of action a patient with degenerative disc disease can take, especially nonsurgical.  Stem cell therapy is groundbreaking medicine that offers the potential of living pain free.

Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Pain Relief

There are three primary benefits of using stem cell therapy as a treatment for chronic back pain.  These benefits include:

  • Nonsurgical and non-steroidal treatment option

With ongoing steroidal injections there are potential health risks that can be alleviated if stem cell therapy is used as an alternative.  Also, for those not willing to undergo back surgery, stem cell therapy is a viable option.  Cartilage damage is a concern for those who receive ongoing steroid injections, but with stem cell therapy only one to three injections may be required and the tissue has the potential to regenerate.Stem Cell Therapy back pain

  • Long lasting symptom relief

Long lasting pain relief is a tremendous benefit of stem cell therapy. Rather than requiring ongoing steroidal injections due to recurrent back pain, stem cell therapy provides an alternative method of treatment. One to three injections are typical for chronic back pain sufferers and the results are highly favorable.  The repair potential of damaged tissue (both soft tissue and bone) is much higher than any other form of treatment.  There is also the potential of reversing the effects of arthritis, providing long lasting pain relief.

  • Cell regeneration

Steroidal injections only treat symptoms but do not provide a cure for chronic back pain. Often the symptoms return when the cortisone shot wears off.  Stem cell research indicates that regeneration of cartilage and soft tissue is formed with the injection of stem cells. The regeneration provides a stronger and more flexible joint, which allows for long lasting symptom relief.

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