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An Overview of Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy

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Platelet Rich Plasma known by the simple initials PRP is a therapy that is designed to facilitate healing by the regeneration of soft tissues and cells in the body. This treatment has become quite popular, especially in sports medicine with athletes such as basketball star Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods both using PRP to treat their knee problems.

This treatment has also made waves in the aesthetic medicine world as reality star Kim Kardashian also jumped on the PRP bandwagon to rejuvenate her skin. With such different uses for this platelet rich plasma, one would wonder what PRP Therapy Orange Countyexactly is PRP therapy and how is able to treat anything from hair loss to tendon and ligament injuries. We explain below.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet rich plasma is a concentration of platelets which are derived from a patient’s blood. This is the end product of blood centrifugation which simply means separating the red and white blood cells from plasma and platelets. As the name “rich” suggests, this is a high concentration of platelets that have been suspended in plasma.

Now, many would wonder why it would be necessary to separate the red and white blood cells from the blood and instead opt to increase platelets. Well, platelets contain various factors that generate cell multiplication, recruitment and specialization.

Platelets are rich in growth factors and as such the concentration of platelets increases the growth factors from the normal quantity in the blood which is usually about six percent to about 94 percent.

The result of centrifugation is plasma filled with hemostatic factors thanks to the plasma proteins and platelets as well as healing factors from the platelet derived growth factors. The blood is usually derived from the patient’s arm and the concentration process takes only about 20 minutes in a clinical setting.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy: Its Uses

Stem cell doctorsAs we indicated above, PRP therapy is used in many ways. These platelets are mainly used to hasten the healing process and induce hemostasis especially in injuries. Various studies have been conducted with results in favor of the treatment. A good example is in sports medicine where platelet rich plasma has been seen to induce healing in tendon and ligament injuries.

Platelet rich plasma can also improve muscle regeneration and bone healing as it increases the cells in the body. PRP injections have also been used in pain management, erectile dysfunction treatment; arthritis management and treating pigmentation just to mention a few. For instance, published studies have shown PRP therapy for knee arthritis actually works very well.

While most PRP treatments are still at their clinical stages, this therapy is still considered quite effective and fairly low risk. This is because it utilizes the patient’s own blood and reduces the risks of infection, seroma formation, blood transfusions and cell rejections. PRP accelerates healing and improves the outcome of the treatment as it comes with very few complications. With more research and great execution, PRP therapy could be even more useful in modern medicine.

TeleHealth offers multiple stem cell therapies for arthritis, back pain, ligament and tendon injuries. In addition, PRP therapy is offered for both musculoskeletal injury along with cosmetic indications such as hair loss and wrinkles. Some of the musculoskeletal indications are covered by insurance!

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What to Expect with PRP Therapy in California

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Platelet rich plasma therapy or PRP uses the patient’s blood to stimulate the natural healing response of the body. When your body is injured, white blood cells and platelets will be sent to this area to begin the healing process. Platelets contain stem cell fragments that were produced in the bone marrow and have factors that can stimulate tissue growth. Stem cells are used to activate DNA to regenerate more tissue and repair cells. PRP injections harvest the body’s

PRP Therapy Southern California

PRP Therapy works well for knee arthritis.

platelets and inject them into an area which is injured to simulate this natural response.

Is this Therapy Safe?

PRP therapy in Orange County has been used during surgery for decades as a way to jump start the healing process in individuals that had just undergone incisions. Clinical research has indicated that there is a very minimal risk for those that undergo this therapy.

Because the platelets injected into the patient have been harvested from your blood there is very little risk that you will develop a reaction to this injection or suffer from an infection. There is actually research that indicates the anti-bacterial properties in the platelets could help prevent an infection.

How the Treatment Works

As treatment begins blood will be drawn from the patient and placed in a centrifuge. This will spin the blood to isolate the platelets and white blood cells from the rest of the solution. Spinning helps to concentrate the platelets, making them seven times more concentrated than what they were in the original sample.

The concentrated platelets are placed in a sterilized syringe and injected into any tissues that require PRP treatment. Injecting these cells are believed to increase the healing effects of the body so this reaction is quicker and more effective.

PRP Therapy Orange CountyThose that have undergone PRP injection therapy may need additional treatments for optimal effectivness. One to three injections are usually recommended based on the severity of the condition being treated and whether or not the body is reacting well to the procedure.

What to Expect

Patients are usually sore around the area where the injection was placed. This may occur for a few days after the injection was administered. This pain is a sign that the body has started the healing process on these tissues. The pain should gradually decrease over the course of a few days as the healing becomes more effective.

Those that have undergone this therapy are encouraged to participate in light exercise and take on as many normal physical activities as possible after PRP injections have been administered. However, patients should not take on any high impact exercise routines, heavy lifting or similar activities for a few days after this therapy.

Your stem cell doctor will let you know when it is safe to return to this level of activity and what treatment options can be used to alleviate any discomfort in the meantime.

TeleHealth is a stem cell clinic in Southern California treating patients with regenerative medicine injections including platelet rich plasma, bone marrow derived stem cell injections and fat derived stem cell injections. The treatments are usually covered by insurance, and all are performed as an outpatient.

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